Insomnia ft. Omenxiii


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I don’t wanna sleep cuz thats wen I can’t breathe
I aint givin up I’m on the brink of somethin
I could feel it in my skin this is who I’m supposed to be
This is all that I can be

I dont wanna sleep cuz thats wen I can’t breathe
Thats wen all these demons start comin after me
I’m trapped in a nightmare and I can’t get out
Someone wake me up so I could figure this out

I dont wanna dream cuz they always get broke
I flex on the streets but I’m rly fuckin broke
I dont care about money I dont care about these hoes
Got a lot of frauds stay hittin up my phone
Stop hittin up my phone...

Stop clawin at my bones
See me doin good ya now they wanna call
See me doin good they hopin that i fall

Yeah I know how that goes,
They just hopin that I fall,
But I'm floatin like a ghost,
Sippin Rossi on the rocks

Drinkin water when I gotta, Otherwise I'm sippin wine,
I don't care about your friends because they ain't no friends of mine.

Remember that time when nobody fucked with me,
now everybody really tryna fuck with me,
Tryna get in the game when I got the key,
Still locked inside with my misery,

Company for the lonely,
Comin up with my own team,
I hate the world but I love you,
I hate myself but I need you.

I know I know how you feel when you can't see me.
I feel the same,

I feel the same.


released July 17, 2016
ft. @omenxiii
prod. @oilcolor
prod. @000garrett



all rights reserved


VELVETEARS Beijing, China

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